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TPM Implementation Training Kit


TPM Implementation Training Kit


Product Description

Total productive maintenance is an essential element to implementing lean manufacturing in your factory and is important element to achieve increased productivity.  TPM helps eliminate unplanned downtime and therefore unexpected losses.  This tpm training kit helps standardize practices so as to reduce maintenance needs. 

The benefits of this total productive maintenance training package include:  team based, low cost, easy to follow and facilitate, and effective because participants learn the information and apply that to address issues in your facility. 

TPM Implementation Training Kit - Training Outline:

Day 1: TPM Training Portion

  • Total Preventative Maintenance Introduction: TPM Perspective
  • Lifecycle costing, True costs, Benefits of TPM
  • Autonomous Maintenance, TPM Inspection
  • Visual Aids and management of maintenance
  • 7 Types of Abnormalities, TPM Tags, One-Point Lessons
  • OEE Worksheet, 6 Major Losses, Practical steps to improvement

Day 2: Shop Floor Implementation

  • Begin “shop floor” phase of training
  • Perform analysis and inspection
  • OEE Measurements and documentation
  • Establish counter measures

Day 3

  • Visual controls and visual systems for equipment
  • Establish cleaning and lubrication standards (TPM Inspection Cards)
  • Formalize mechanical, electrical, and other control standards
  • General inspection training and One-Point Lesson development

Day 4

  • Finalized inspection routine; document; responsibilities; etc.
  • 30 Day Action Log
  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Conclude shop floor implementation
  • Review TPM fundamentals
  • TPM team presentations and management review

The Total Productive Maintenance Training Package contains the following:

1 5S Facilitator Guide Easy to follow and comprehensive facilitator guide to help guide you in training through the entire event.
1 5S Preparation Guide Guide laying out the steps for preparing and executing the TPM workshop.  It not only helps a first time trainer prepare prior to the event but also is an excellent reference manual for timing, scheduling, and overall process of workshop.
1 5S Facilitator Digital Media CD Using Flash technology, this CD (loads to Windows based computers) presents the 5S training information in a dynamic format to participants.
8 Participant Workbooks Each participant should have their own workbook that is used during the workshop and later can be used as a reference guide.  These participant workbooks combine information, illustrations, key questions, and space for note taking during the training sessions.  Also, the workbook includes a self assessment form to test for understanding.  Need more training workbooks?  See related products below or click here for participant workbooks.
100 TPM Blue Tags Maintenance and project team can communicate effectively with these tags.
1 TPM Tag Register Log all items identified by TPM tagging during the workshop (as well as after the TPM training) on this 14" x 11" pad containing 25 total worksheets. 
1 TPM Tag Flow Chart Reference chart used to properly fill out a TPM tag.
1 OEE Worksheet Used to help participants understand the dynamics of Overall Equipment Effectiveness as a tool for increasing machine's performance, quality, and availability.  Quantity one 25 sheet 14"x11" pad.
1 TPM Inspection Form Provides a plan-view highlight of the processes required at an area of responsibility.  Quantity one 25 sheet 14"x11" cardboard backed pad.
1 TPM Inspection Card Set Cards that are attached to the machine in accordance with their respective areas on the TPM Inspection Form.  Set has 30 Daily, 15 weekly, 15 monthly, and 15 yearly - color coded.
1 Abnormality Assessment Form Benchmark TPM projects and get objective measurements for each TPM element.  Quantity 1 pad with 25 individual sheets (size 14" x 11").
1 30 Day TPM Action Log Log the actions to be taken over the 30 days after TPM training completion, therefore tracking identified TPM issues discovered during the total productive maintenance training but issues that could not be completed during the workshop.  Quantity 1 pad with 25 individual sheets (size 14" x 11").
1 One Point Lesson Used to motivate the trainer to establish all the important activities that help to effectively and efficiently communicate TPM training concepts to participants and employees.  Quantity (1) pad with 25 individual sheets (size 8 1/2" x 11").
1 Autonomous Maintenance Form Loaded with all the essential information needed to successfully materialize your company's TPM program, this is the last form to fill out before TPM implementation.  Quantity 1 pad with 25 individual sheets (size 14" x 11").
1 6 Types of Equipment Losses Poster Striking, full color visual to be displayed as a reference showing the 6 types of equipment losses that effects your OEE.
1 7 Types of Abnormalities Poster Striking, full color visual that classifies the types of abnormalities.
1 5 Pillars of TPM Development Poster Striking, full color display of the classic TPM principles and visually reminds what is necessary for TPM to succeed.
1 7 Autonomous Maintenance Steps Poster Poster that colorfully summarizes the 7 steps to maintaining autonomous maintenance.
1 Lean Mindset Poster Full color poster illustrating the foundation of all company improvement and the cumulative power of many small changes.

There is a 2 to 3 business day lead time before this item can ship.