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Facility Integrated Andon System - Texting Capability, Data Analytics, Escalation System, & More!

Contact us for a quote & design review at 855-730-0102 or email

Facility Integrated Andon System - Texting Capability, Data Analytics, Escalation System, & More!

Contact us for a quote & design review at 855-730-0102 or email

Product Description

**We are only selling this system to customers located in the United States.

Our new Facility Integrated Andon System is an exciting new addition to our line of andon systems.   The system includes the following features:

  • Andon Lights with tethered switchbox or keyfob remote control
  • Plant Signal Unit
  • Shop Floor View Web based system
    • Email and Texting Capabilities
    • Data Analytics
    • Escalation Notification Capabilities
    • Real Time Web Monitor displays status of all stations on any internet connected device 

How the system works:

  • Operator encounters abnormality on the shop floor
  • Operator turns on the designated andon light at their station
  • Corresponding andon stack light is illuminated (Red, Amber, Green, Blue)
  • Andon light sends signal to Plant Signal Unit (physical device) and Shop Floor View system
  • Plant Signal Unit flashes the corresponding light and plays audible alert
  • Shop Floor View system sends out email/text notifications and escalations and the Web Monitor is updated
  • These events are captured in a database for data analytics used to drive kaizen improvement activity! 

System details:

  • An unlimited number of lights can be added to the receiver unit.  Additional receivers can be added to cover extra large facilities or other buildings on site.
  • Additional switchboxes or keyfobs can be purchased for each andon light.
  • Equipment and other sensors can be tied to the Floor Signal Stations to signal and collect data.

Remote training & technical support included with the startup of each new system.

Computer Module Receiver Unit details:

  • Plugs into any Windows PC running Windows 7 or newer via USB.
  • Module can listen to all lights in the vicinity (up to 500 ft depending on obstacles)
  • A Software Program on the computer will receive signals from the Computer Module and and passes the data to the Shop Floor View system for processing 

Andon Light/Floor Signal Station details:

  • A four light LED stack light (Red, Amber, Green, Blue)
  • Two inputs for each light, one turns light on solid, second input flashing
  • Lights are remotely controlled by tethered switch box or wireless keyfob:
    • Keyfob remote control has 4 sets of On/Off buttons for turning on and off each light and has a range of ~50 feet
    • Keyfobs have a belt clip on back or can easily be secured to a pole or other location
  • Standard power cord for connection to a 110 vac outlet
  • Includes L-Bracket for mounting
  • Units are approximately 24” in overall length

Plant Signal Unit details:

  • The Plant Signal Unit receives signals from up to 15 Andon Lights.  Anytime a new light is turned on, the tone module will begin to play the single line melody until all lights are turned off or a ‘tone cancel’ signal is received from an Andon Light.
  • Four flashing LED lights color matched to the four colors on the Andon Lights.
  • One 105 db horn style tone modules with 32 selectable melodies            
  • Optional Multi-tone PSU (PSU-Multi) has a louder 119db horn and has an SD Card that allows customers to select and change the melodies played.  Unit can also be configured to play different melodies depending on which light is on.

The Shop Floor View/Computer Module

  • The computer module is the physical component which listens to all Floor Signal Stations within range and passes the data to the customer supplied computer running the Service which passes the data up to the Shop Floor View system.
  • Software is a web based subscription service.  The service can be easily accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
  • The software allows you to send out different email messages tied to each andon light per Floor Signal Station.  You can also tie automation into the andon lights or utilize up to 7 more discrete inputs not tied to lights.
  • Run reports and use pivot tables to analyze the data
  • You can also view the current status of all andon lights via the internet and display this information on large screen displays


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